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Vegetaition's extensive dataset contains over 4000 selected plant species, curated to cater to landscape architects, urban designers, and home gardeners alike. Whether you seek wild varieties or cultivated gems, our collection covers all your botanical needs.

Each plant profile contains 35+ attributes, covering all there is to know about every species. Crafted through rigorous data analysis and meticulous verification processes, our dataset ensures utmost accuracy and reliability. Every piece of information is carefully integrated and curated to provide you with a top-tier resource for your planting designs.

The dataset is one of the most extensive for plants used in planting design, providing in-depth insights into each species. Through our platform, you not only access this wealth of knowledge but also engage with it in creative ways, expanding your expertise and elevating your workflow to new heights.


Regions covered
Our dataset covers a vast range of applications, primarily for the temperate climates of the northern and southern hemispheres. However, it isn’t limited to just those regions. It is also applicable to the subtropics and the Arctic Circle. The majority of species in our dataset are native to the temperate climate zone of the northern hemisphere. Discover a treasure trove of cultivated varieties within our dataset utilized in countless countries spanning the globe’s temperate regions.