Pioneering AI in Planting Design
In this article, we delve into the essence of Vegetaition – its inception, benefits, and ambitions. Vegetaition stands as a groundbreaking AI assistant tailored for planting designers, landscape architects, urban planners, and plant enthusiasts alike, primarily aimed at facilitating planning and design processes.

Unveiling Vegetaition: Redefining Planting Design with AI
Vegetaition harnesses the transformative power of AI, offering users an immersive experience with a vast database housing over 4000 plant species. It transcends conventional filtering tools, embodying a sophisticated language model capable of understanding each species. With over thirty attributes per plant, including nuanced cultural significance and environmental behaviors, Vegetaition provides insights beyond traditional knowledge boundaries.

Addressing Design Challenges
In professional discourse, the challenge of selecting the right plant species emerges frequently. Many practitioners admit to a lack of botanical knowledge, relying on colleagues or costly specialists for advice. Furthermore, the prevalence of repetitive plant choices can stifle creativity and compromise design integrity. Vegetaition aims to dismantle these barriers, democratizing access to expertise while fostering innovation in design.

Unlocking Creativity
Vegetaition serves as a catalyst for creativity, streamlining the research process and offering instant recommendations tailored to user-defined criteria. Whether designing a vibrant urban landscape or an ecologically resilient ecosystem, Vegetaition empowers users to explore diverse plant combinations effortlessly.

Preserving Nature and Cultural Heritage
Vegetaition is unbiased. Its database contains not only wild varieties but also cultivated ones. Plants, whether wild varieties or breed varieties, are part of our cultural heritage. Not using varieties because of a lack of knowledge threatens this heritage. Popular, trendy varieties push away existing ones. Because the preservation of plants can only be guaranteed by reproduction, we need to continue to use them in our designs.

Towards a Sustainable Future
Amidst the challenges posed by climate change, Vegetaition evolves into a predictive tool, forecasting the viability of wild species in urban environments. By deciphering the parameters of successful adaptation, it endeavors to safeguard biodiversity and cultivate resilient urban ecosystems.

This project was and continues to be developed by TERRA, a purpose-driven design studio based in Switzerland. Vegetaition embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship and aims to serve as a resource for preserving nature's richness.